Whether you're a family out on the go, out on the worksite, or cruising down the highway, you can have cool refreshments, baby or medical supplies, or anything else you want to keep chilled right at your fingertips.

Keep it all in this large capacity thermo electric cooler that custom fits into your vehicle's existing console.

Specifically designed for the GM 900 series vehicles:

  • Tahoe
  • Yukon
  • Suburban
  • Denali
  • Silverado

Fits 2007-2013 models

Features include:

  • 5-liter capacity
  • Keeps refreshments or other supplies cool on the go
  • Solid state technology (no liquids, no gases)
  • Quiet and safe fine-tuned fans for low noise
  • Operates on 12-volt DC
  • Low current consumption
  • Automatically shuts off within 30 minutes of vehicle shutdown
  • Easy installation